Disney…A Wonderful World


I recently returned from a Disney vacation…lovely in so many ways. I would advise anyone who’s planning a family vacation to Disney to take stock of a few things. Firstly, I would strongly recommend purchasing or getting from the library the PassPorter’s journey of Walt Disney World. (http://www.passporter.com) This book is released every year and really does help one plan out what to do and see at any of the 4 parks in Florida. Disney Parks will also mail out a vacation planning DVD to help organize your holiday.


If you’re planning a Disney vacation, I’m in favour of pulling the kids out of school and going at the beginning of May. The weather is between 30 and 35 degree’s during this time, and it’s an ‘off season’ for Disney so the line ups aren’t quite as long as they could be. There are a number of deals that are advertised for this time regarding hotels, food plans etc.. I’d recommend that you stay at one of the Disney resorts during the off-season, as they include your park admission, parking or transportation and food plans as part of their deals. Each resort offers a specific ‘theme’ and their pools and parks are a wonderful way to spend a non-Disney day.


The Passporter helps navigate you to which rides are most appropriate (by age and height) for your family and there are very specific maps which can help you determine which area’s you may be best to focus on. This resource offers Disney tips and secrets, it has budget details available and also evaluates the accommodations available at Disney resorts, the dining options available, tips for toddlers, kids, tweens and teens, plus details of what else Orlando and Florida have to offer travelers. This resource is invaluable for preparing for a family vacation.


We had 3 days at Disney and each day we covered a new park; our first day was spent at Magic Kingdom which promised and delivered magic, our second day was spent at Epcot which was a pleasant surprise (from the educational /learning rides about the land, the sea and energy and space to the pavilions showcasing the world countries & cultures and fantastic fireworks), and our final day spent enjoying the Animal Kingdom. It seemed that everything we saw and experienced was better than the previous activity. That in a nutshell, is the magic of Disney! They provide a magical experience for kids and kids at heart…all the while providing an exceptional learning opportunity.


Disney was an amazing holiday, and I’m hoping we can make it a regular pilgrimage as there’s so much we weren’t able to see during our brief visit! With spring in the air, it’s a good time to start considering and planning a family vacation and I’d recommend Walt Disney World.


Tanja Gancevich